Your Online Sales is Easier Now with This Courier Service

Your Online Sales is Easier Now with This Courier Service

Stork Up is your partner for e-commerce courier services in HK. The stork up service provides safe and cost-effective cross-border shipping. Stork Up a logistics integration service with popular shopping carts like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. Which can help you automate fulfillment and shipping from the warehouse. Stork up ensures their orders are processed quickly and delivers their customers’ goods in a cost and time-efficient manner. When shipping long distances, you don’t have to bother checking to the place of collection, packaging, and delivery. You just have to trust the stork up.

Our Storage Platform Offers!

Your customers will not be disappointed with the service you are doing using a stock up. Helping each Kickstarter streamline their crowdfunding, logistics, and delivery fulfillment to ensure every campaign runs as smoothly as possible is our job. Kickstarter Shipping  logistics services will assist you with product launch planning, order fulfillment, delivery solutions, and budget planning. For the storage platform offered, namely:

  • First, Cloud Base Portal

Using a simple “Plug & Play” platform. There isn’t a lot of software to install and you can access it anytime, anywhere.

  • Second, Deliver Duty Paid

To absorb some or all of the costs or pass them on to the customer, we work with a variety of shipping options that allow your customers to pay duties.

  • Third, Simply Sell More

A fulfillment center located in Hong Kong allows easy import and export of stock without the hassle of customs and taxes. Hong Kong also has the advantage of reaching most of the global markets in a very short transit time. It makes selling so much easier.

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