An All-Rounder Real Estate Property, AMOMA

An All-Rounder Real Estate Property, AMOMA

A hidden luxurious street situated in the district, which is in the neighbourhood of the capital of Japan, Tokyo. This street is a treasure that has been architect by the world’s leading landscape designers and interior. This real estate property is way beyond what you expect it to be. It is integrated with the world’s most unrealistic combos that are home privacy, intimacy and comfort. AMOMA is a real estate property that resides on Hiroo’s streets, situated in Tokyo’s Neighbour.

What are the specialities of this place?

You might have heard of the things like how many rooms this real estate has or in what area is it built, or whether light and water are available all the time. But this is something different. The things that make this place stand out are:
⦁ This place is integrated with the best in class furniture. Moreover, it is fabricated, unrealistic right!
⦁ This place is built in 30,717 square feet of area, further equipped with two basement parking.
⦁ You don’t have to hire maids or have to go to the gym. You have got it all in the estate, accompanied by a private garden and large storage rooms.
The maids don’t leave the estate. In spite, they have their quarters.

If you own a luxury real estate property, then it is just that it should have some security. No worries, the security comes with this estate with a reinforced structure if concrete. Parking is secured. Per residence, there are two ramps. The security is 24*7 and concierge. You can enquire any of the details you want to from our website.

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